30 days chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

chocolate and blueberry

Chocolate hackers is on a mission. We just left Madagascar with luggages filled with some exquisite chocolate. We now made our way to the Maritimes and just received new instructions.

Mission#1 : 30 days chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Objective: make 30 chocolate recipes with 30 people of the Maritimes in 30 days

From Sept 1st to Sept 30th, chocolate hackers will travel across the Maritimes to infiltrate the confidential network of the local inhabitants and producers. Everyday, the mission is to create a new original recipe mixing some delicious chocolate and at least one local product.

How to participate?
– Local producers and inhabitants: open the door of your kitchen for a half day to cook a recipe together
– Social friends: share with us as much contacts as possible in the Maritimes (even if he’s the brother in law of a relative of your co-worker), follow and comment our adventure, send us your tips to succeed.

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  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    I don’t know a lot about Nova Scotia as I am fairly new here myself but Wolfville/ Annapolis Valley seem like especially foodie/ adventurous/ locally minded towns/ areas. ‘Just us’ coffee museum is is there, many wineries and berries/ apples / fresh ingredients. Good luck.

    • chocolate hackers
      chocolate hackers says:

      Thanks for your comment! It’s a very nice area for food products indeed. We enjoyed so much this chocolate challenge in the Maritimes that we decided to comeback in Nova Scotia. We are currently in Halifax, trying to settle our chocolate shop. Stay tuned if you want to taste it soon 🙂 Good day


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