Behind the scene: chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Day 1 to 3: the adventure begins

Day 1

For the first step of our chocolate challenge we stop at Danielle and Marc’s home in Moncton. Just the time to settle down and change our clothes and we’re up for cooking the first recipe with our hosts. Danielle and Marc are very friendly and it feels amazing to improvise a chocolate workshop in their kitchen. We’re actually having great fun talking about travel, food and how is life in the Maritimes, especially as we’re so curious about how the winter is over here. Far from what we experience in Paris where snow is rare and doesn’t settle. The afternoon passes on and a the end of the day, we feel we have two new friends. First recipe, first success.

At the end of the day, we also have a chance to meet Alain, Marc’s good buddy who he invited over knowing we would have lots to share. He’s a pasionate guy who knows everything about local food. He helps us figuring out who we should reach for our next meetings. And thanks to him, we fix a rendez-vous with David at Briggs Maples. In one call, he accepts to welcome us the day after. Nice, isn’t it? For this, we feel very grateful. And now, the troubles begin. Who said it was going to be easy?

Day 2

We have an ambitious plan in mind, we’d love to make a nice two colours layers fudge. Should we mention we’ve never made fudge before and had no thermometer? Galvanized by our own excitement, we rush into making the recipe. With absolutely no idea on what we’re doing.

One hour later… Ok we failed. So now plan B… “David, can we come back tomorrow morning to check if the fudge get hard?”

The day after… F..k… Ok, plan C. Let’s make some truffles! And that’s how we close this unfortunate chapter. We knew already that a lot of unexpected stuff could happen in a kitchen. Now we’re sure about it. Needless to say we were a bit disappointed but fortunately there are some people like David who are so supportive it gives you the strength to keep trying new things.

Day 3

On day 3, we meet Craig and his beautiful family in Lewis Mountain Fresh Farm. His speciality? Sauerkraut. Before day 2, we wanted to go out of our comfort zone. After day 2, we wanted a little less challenging recipes… Ok… Let’s make a chocolate cake with sauerkraut! And sometimes trying new things is good… Craig’s mum approved the “acceptable improvement of the recipe” A high praise from a farmer’s wife according to Craig.

This adventure is definitely full of emotions. It’s up and down, up and down, several times a day. But you know what, that’s the best way to feel alive.

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  1. zazzoo
    zazzoo says:

    sympa les photos, on voit mieux le gâteau à la choucroute . On se demandait si c’étaient des barres chocolatées ou bien un grand gâteau

    • chocoate hackers
      chocoate hackers says:

      La recette permet de réaliser soit un grand cake soit 5/6 cakes individuels. Nous avons essayé les 2. Pour la photo, nous avons sélectionné la version petits cakes.


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