Behind the scene – Chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Day 10 to 15: In the heart of Acadia

We’re already half way of our chocolate challenge! We now start to figure out that this challenge will be about endurance. It’s honestly exhausting. Fortunately, all the people we meet are fueling us with great energy. So, we wanted to share with you the incredible experience we had the past few days travelling accross New-Brunswick, right in the heart of Acadia.

Day 10

After leaving Miramichi, we headed south to the farm Terre Partagée on a harvest day. Even through Rebeka and Kevin were really busy obviously to get ready for the farmer market day, we were lucky to share some quality time with them and their family at dinner. Before we seated at the table, Kevin kept a cookbook out of a shell. And not any cookcook, an Acadian recipe cookbook. Browsing through the pages, we realized how much Acadian gastronomy and French gastronomy have in common. Of course, they both share the same roots. We felt there were many connections to make and it was a great area for us to explore.

Day 11

As we left the farm for the city with some regrets, they all vanished as soon as we met Cherrie and Roch. Every meeting is full of suprise. And actually one of the moment we love the most is when we ring at people’s door. It’s fun to think of the people who gonna open it. They must be a little crazy to invite strangers like us to cook at their home. Good crazy I mean, incredibly nice. This time, it’s Cherrie who welcomed us. A true food lover. And when food lovers meet other food lovers, it’s always a good time.  We could have stay so much longer discussing recipes and DIY over lunch but after moskitos also had a great meal, it was time for us to go.

Day 12

We met Marie-France and Nancy after the market in Shediac. So we ended up cooking quiet late. The recipe went really good, plus we were having a great time. And eventually, we didn’t realize the sun was gone. Did you hear about moose? Well, if you didnt’ you would rather not meet one at night in the middle of the road. So we had to drive slow and stay focus : “Look at your right honey, I’ll look at the left”. It looked like ages. Fortunately, our angel Holly was waiting for us in small cabin by the sea. Peaceful place. All what we needed.

Day 13

Now day 13… a very interesting one. We got up pretty early. To end up getting late to our appointment. Why? First, because we had a long road to drive to get to the place. This, we managed. Second and more important one, because we were late on our publishing schedule. Stucked in a small coffee place with WiFi (and not every place get wifi), we were hardly finishing our previous Behind the scene article. Not even is it tough to make a recipe and blog it every day – in French and in English – but it’s also a hard work writing this stuff. At that time, we felt we committed too much. We have so many stories to tell from all our conversations and meeting with people but at the same time we don’t get enough time to write and share them all. It’s a bit frustrating. But we’re only two and we only have 24 hours a day (and Stan needs to sleep a lot ;)).

Day 14

The night before, we had a complete tasting of Distillerie Fils du Roy finest – and quiet strong – wines and spirits. But no time to get lazy at bed, we had to cook the recipe in the morning as a busy afternoon was waiting for us. Running again, even through it’s been a really exciting day. We shall highlight two historical places we really enjoyed : Village Historique Acadien and Hôtel Paulin. Two stops we recommand for your next visit.

Day 15

Welcome to heaven! After so much intensity, it’s been fantastic to rest at Ferme Maury. This was our last day in New-Brunswick, last enjoyable moments by the sea. Just a perfect day before getting ready for PEI!

This past week has been very intense and rich. The more we travelled accross New-Brunswick, the more we got to know about the Acadian story, the more we wanted to learn and share it with you. At the same time, this week has been the moment we got to know our limits. And that’s why this story is to be continued tomorrow 😉 …

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  1. Joanna
    Joanna says:


    We just heard of your travels and mission. We are NB based small farmers with connections across the Maritimes and happy to help. Let us known if you are still in need of connections and in what location. We will be happy to help.
    Joanna and Guy

    • chocolate hackers
      chocolate hackers says:

      Hi – Thank you so much for your message. We are actually full now until the end of our challenge but it will be a pleasure to meet you another time. Thx!


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