Berries and bourage milk chocolate bark

sunberries and borage milk chocolate bark

For our last day in PEI we stopped-off at the Farm Center in Charlottetown; a very special place to go green in the city. Volunteer gardeners make an amazing job out there to take care of this peaceful piece of land and contribute to feed the communities. They also teach how to cook the marvellous products from the garden. We wanted to pay tribute to them and their work by transposing the beauty of the garden directly on this beautiful homemade chocolate barks. We hope you’ll like the results.

Berries and bourage milk chocolate bark


  • A bunch of berries
  • A couple of bourage flowers
  • A handful of cocoa nibs
  • 200 g tempered milk chocolate


Prepare a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Place a square cake ring in the middle. Temper the milk chocolate. Pour inside the square cake ring. Dispose the sunberries, bourage and cocoa nibs. Refridgerate for 30 minutes. Then leave to cool at room temperature. Break the bark into pieces before serving.

homemade chocolate bark


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