Bolet mushroom chocolate napolitans

Matsutake mushroom chocolate

For this recipe, we’ve met Fred Dardenne from FD Wild Foods & Fine Products. You got it with the name ; this meeting was wild. We just loved it. Firslty, because Fred knows really well the land and what grows where and when. Secondly, because his kitchen is a place of experimentation where Fred always explores and try new techniques to transform and keep the wild and finest products. We went crazy in his kitchen, looking everywhere and smelling everything. As we’re craving for mushrooms – and Fred knew it – he prepared some dried matsutake and bolet in advance. That was awesome. We really enjoyed this stop and oh we so much want to come back and actually pick some mushroom and other stuff in the wild.

Bolet mushroom chocolate napolitans

Ingredients (24 napolitans):

  • 160 g milk chocolate 40%
  • 12 g bolet mushroom powder


Temper the milk chocolate. Add the bolet mushroom powder. Pour the chocolate in a piping bag. Pipe the chocolate on the mold prints.

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