Behind the scene – Chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Days 22 to 27 : first week in Nova Scotia
Chocolate with FD Wild Foods

For this first week in Nova Scotia, we were back on the road again! After a few hours drive from PEI, we headed to our first destination in Halifax and then travelled the distance between different cities accross the province. Even if we tried to optimize our travel itinarery at best, we gave priority to the producers and hosts schedule of course. So we ended up not taking the straightest road. Anyway, many surprises were waiting for us on our way. We were lucky enough to enjoy a home cinema session in a very nice motel in Truro (going to close sorry, that was a good spot), a dinner by the lake with two extraordinary people in Mineville, etc… Oh and hurray ! Arriving in Nova Scotia, we had all our next meetings booked until the end of our challenge. Relax? Noooo, but it was cool not to worry about where we were going to go the next day.

Day 22

Our first meeting in Nova Scotia was with Kirsten from Wild Leek, a vegan restaurant in Halifax. As we entered the kitchen, we had nothing planned. The idea came up as soon as we saw the cookies on the counter. It was the time to try the double chocolate-dipped recipe we had in mind. And make it vegan of course with the help of Kirsten. It’s been great to see our production proudly displayed like that among the other delicious small cakes.

chocolate cookie

Day 23

This stop at Sugar Moon Farm has been very special. First, the place is amazing. It could be the place for a tale ; all in wood in the middle of the maple forest. Then, the owner Quita and the staff were all super friendly. A great team. We had everything we needed to do a good job. So we did our best. By what we heard from Mike, the social media guy, it seemed like we did. A sous-chef he used to work exclaimed her pleasure with a term he felt appropriate “Amazeballs”. That’s always our greatest pleasure, to hear we’ve made people happy.

Day 24

As we arrived at the address Fred gave us, we first entered the wrong place. So where is Fred’s office? Just next door. He’s actually renting a small place with a huge refridgerator in the back of a French restaurant. It’s only what he needs to store the products from the harvest. In the cold room, we were like kids. Fred was passing around his latest findings and seasonal picks. Our senses were all up and our imagination wandering. We followed Fred for his deliveries and then went to his place to discover even more products. If we had not a challenge to run, we would have stay until the night. We actually filled our luggage with some interesting products. To be continued…

Day 25

Our meeting with Tabitha was a funny story. We actually met her godmother in British-Colombia few months ago during a chocolate workshop we’ve made. Our challenge was not decided yet but the idea germinated.  So we stayed in touch and eventually, we went back to her as she mentionned having some family in Nova-Scotia. that’s how we contacted Tabitha. Oh, it’s been a lovely stop to meet this sweet and loving family. A family with a fine palate and we must say an expanded sense of humor. We had such a good fun.

Day 26

As we had a meeting with Judy, a wellness coach, we had planned on making a healthy recipe that day featuring all the cocoa benefits. What we had not planned was that Judy was actually intolerant to lactose. So we had to adapt. It’s the behind the scene, so it’s time to confess we’ve made a first recipe using coconut milk that did not turn exactly the way we wanted. The texture was too dense. So eventually, we had another try using only water. We had heard about it. And so we experimented it. It worked but only half way. Half the mousse was still stucked inside the siphon after we served only two balls. Don’t worry, we’ve made this recipe again to adjust the quantities and directions. It now works perfectly!

Day 27

Sometimes we make two recipes because it didn’t turn up well. Sometimes we make two just for fun. As Alex and Caitlyn had picked more than one local product, we were curious to try the other ingredient they picked. But patience, you may discover what we’ve made a bit later.

As we were ending this new week in Nova-Scotia, we were also approaching the homestrech of our chocolate challenge! We knew three incredible stops were still waiting for us. At that point, we felt happy and oh my, so excited!!! To be continued…

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