Behind the scene – Chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Days 28 to 30 : epilog

After 30 days of craziness and strong emotions, moving from one kitchen to the other, we were eventually reaching the end of our chocolate challenge in the Maritimes. It’s been an incredible journey. Most of all, we’ve met extraordinary people along the road, who’ve made some changes in their life, who’ve chosen the way they live. The three last meetings we had in Nova Scotia have been amazing in that sense. It’s been super inspiring. Also, here we are. We’ve created 30 recipes in 30 days. The challenge has been completed. We did it, yay!

Day 28

At the Flying Apron, we’ve met two brave and enthusiastic individuals – and their two lovely daughters – who got rid of the barriers to open their wonderful place. Although they did not do it all in once. Chris and Melissa met in British Colombia. He was from Germany and she was from the US. They both worked in restaurants there and when they moved in the Maritimes they started slowly a new catering business on farmers markets. It took them about three years to build the foundations of their new project and find the place where they could make their dreams come true. We enjoyed it through. It was warm, energetic and hidden an amazing professional kitchen for cookery classes. So it’s been really cool to make some chocolates and choco cakes in that fully-equiped kitchen. Even better, we had the chance to give it a taste to ten chocolate lovers during an evening class and talk about chocolate with those passionate people. Sharing was the best part of it.

Day 29

Oh, there is no word to say thank you to the people from Just Us Centre for Small Farms. On our arrival, Karen was out with her mom Carol. But she said we could come in anyway.  So we did. As we entered the house, we found a note saying we were welcome to make ourselves at home. She had cooked some delicious vegetables & pasta and offered us to eat them and have a glass of local wine left on the table. So we did. Then, few minutes later, we received a text saying there was some homemade ice-cream in the freezer. So, we had some. Ok, I think you got it, Karen is just a wonderful person. We’ve been spoiled and we loved it. At that point of the challenge away from home and family, it was so nice to meet this second family.

Day 30

– Can you imagine this is our last meeting and our last recipe?
– Yeah, that’s crazy. It’s been so rich and intense. I’m actually quiet happy this is the last day too.
Yes, we were happy and exhausted and enjoyed the idea we were reaching the end of this chocolate challenge. We were also very excited to stop at the Broadfork Farm for the finish line. Those guys are VIP (Very Inspiring People). Shannon and Bryan are two young farmers close to Amherst in Nova Scotia. They really gave a serious thought to their priorities in life before deciding their own path. We found this very smart. It sounds funny like that but we actually realized sometimes we were running after things that were not our core priorities. The one that really contribute to our happiness. We promised we would think about it in the future, but you know French are full of paradoxes…

Ok guys, so now you did it. You’ve completed your chocolate challenge and it looked like you enjoyed it. So what’s next ? Whats’ next? That’s a good question. Have we said previsoulsy we’ve decided to make some changes in our life? We know now our future will be bind to both France and Canada. But to do what (ok chocolate sounds reasonable) and how (that’s the main dilemma)? Should we go and look for a job or create it? A choice is pending for us and it’s scary. Might be continued…


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