Madagascar chocolate: flower-to-bar {1/4}

As the Salon du Chocolat begins today in Paris, we invite you to join us for a new adventure in Madagascar to pierce the secrets of chocolate. During the next five days, we’ll explore the entire chocolate making process from flower-to-bar.

Episode 1 – the cocoa plantations

In this serie of photos, you’ll discover what the cocoa plantations in Madagascar look like. During our trip, we had the opportunity to visit the old plantations in Brickaville as well as MAVA’s plantations in Sambirano valley where the epicenter of the cocoa lies. The plantations in Brickaville were from far the harder to reach.  After a long drive and walk, we eventually had to take a pirogue to get to the place, reminding us how long and rich the process is from flower-to-bar. And it start with the fruit itself. Did you know that you’ll need about a thousand flower to get one cocoa pod?

Next episode

  • Cocoa plantation in Brickaville

  • Young cocoa trees

  • Cocoa flowers

  • Cocoa flowers and pod

    cocoa tree fruit and flower
  • Cocoa pods

  • Cocoa producers in Sambirano