Madagascar chocolate: flower-to-bar {3/4}

Episode 3: fermentation farm

After the beans have been removed from the pods, they’re transported right away to the fermentation farm where a critical process begins to make fine cocoa. First, the beans are fermented for six days in cocoa fermentation boxes and are rotated within the wooden boxes every one or two days. During this process, the temperature in the boxes may reach 50°C (122°F). The step is essential to fix the acidity and help the beans develop all the richness of their flavors. After fermentation is done, the cocoa beans are then dried for at least a week. The biggest farms are equipped with racks on wheels to push them inside in case it starts raining. When the cocoa beans are dried, they’re eventually collected and sorted, ready to go to the chocolate factory in Antananarivo.

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  • Cocoa fermentation box

  • Fermentation - rotation

  • Fermentation - high Sambirano

  • Fermentation - high Sambirano

    fermentation farm
  • Cocoa drying racks

  • Drying on racks

  • Cocoa drying - high Sambirano

  • Cocoa beans drying

  • Cocoa selection