Madagascar chocolate: flower-to-bar {4/4}

Episode 4: making the chocolate

After being fermented and dried in the fermentation farm, the cocoa beans eventually arrive at the chocolate factory in Antananarivo where the fine cocoa is transformed into chocolate. Some samples are regularly tested to control the quality using a special cocoa beans knife. Then chocolate making process starts and the magic operates. First, the beans are gently roasted to reveal their flavors. After the roasting, the cocoa beans are cracked and the husk is separated from the bean. Only the nibs are then smashed to make the cocoa paste from which we get the cocoa powder and the cocoa butter ; the two basic ingredients used to make dark, milk and white chocolates. Depending on the recipe, the chocolate is also mixed in a grinder for 12 to 48 hours, continuously smashed by rolling stones. That is essential to get a fine and flavorful chocolate, ready to eat as a tablet or other delicious small chocolate bites.

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  • Quality test

  • Roast

  • Crush

  • Removing shell

  • Grind

  • Temper, melt & mold

  • Chocolate confectionary

  • Chocolate bar