Food & pregnancy journal – beginning of second trimester

pregnancy and weight

Week 15

– I’m pregnant!
– Ah! Fantastic. I could tell your silhouette has changed.
– Oh congratulations! In fact, I noticed you got chubby cheeks. You hadn’t before…

Chubby cheeks? Really? Well, I’ve been feeling pudgy recently and they’re damn right, I’ve putted on weight. Though it’s natural and healthy, seeing the body changing is not necessarily the coolest part of it. I’ve always paid attention to my weight and diet. And It looks like now more than ever, I should pay attention to what I eat both in quantity and quality. For me and for the growing babies. I’ve read indeed that your baby’s sense of taste starts developing early in pregnancy. By week 8 their neurons already are connected to the taste buds. Also, it’s one more reason to eat well and healthy and explore new tastes.

Gain weight and feel great

Before pregnancy, I’d already gained 6.6 lbs (3kg) in a year that I wanted to lose. Then, during the first trimester of pregnancy, I’d gained another 6.6lbs (3kg) – which the doctor confirmed was slightly too much. Not cool… Also after that, I’ve decided to do something to get a better and healthier diet to keep gaining weight (but more slowly) while working on feeling great. Writing about it and sharing this experience with you actually gives me more motivation. Also, every week, I’ll share my weight, my calorie counter and my findings.

Today, I’ve started by downloading a food journaling app (mynetdiary for me) which I think might be a great help. Although, I realized no category exists for pregnant women and I had to twist the objectives a bit. In my case, I’ve picked a goal of maintaining weight (which I’ll not do of course) and picked sedentary as the activity level giving I’m not supposed to walk more than one hour a day. Let’s see if it goes. First calorie counter next week!

Weight of the week

  • Before pregnancy: 125.7lbs (57kg) for 5’3’’ (1m61)
  • Week 15: 132.3lbs (60kg)

What about you? How do feel about putting on weight? What do you think about food logging apps?

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  1. Clemence
    Clemence says:

    Amazing! Love this new food and pregnancy blog post. I’m also pregnant and it’s so nice to read your experience 🙂

    • chocolate hackers
      chocolate hackers says:

      Hi Clemence, hope you found this post helpful and do not hesitate to share yours as well! Have a lovely day x


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