Week 20: Half way there

Week 20, we’re half way there! I’m not sure to be fully aware of all the changes that are going to happen in a few months… Actually, I’m sure I’m not. Even if this whole thing becomes a little bit more tangible. And that makes it harder to realize most of the family won’t be there to welcome the twins. Living far away has its downsides. But we try to focus on the good things, thinking the moments we’ll have if less immediate, will be precious.

Also this week, I’m starting to show a nice baby bump. I’m wondering how it’s gonna be as we go further along in the months of pregnancy. I’m doing my best to stay fit but hey! those baby girls – yes that’s confirmed now 🙂 – already weight about 1 pound each. So it’s 2 pounds of babies! We just found that out from the second ultrasound appointment that went well. Ultrasound is amazing. It feels so great to see the babies. To check they’re ok.

During the visit, the doctor advised to get some pregnancy vitamins everyday. He also advised to get vitamin D as we’re missing it during the winter in countries like Canada where the sun doesn’t shine enough. So I may have a look at the pharmacy to get some. I do my best to get as much nutrients as I can through the food I eat but it seems like during pregnancy the needs are hard to cover. I figured that for iron especially and I’m planning to gather some information about it for next week. So rendez-vous next Thursday to discuss this and meanwhile, enjoy your week!

Weight of the week

  • Week 19: 135 lbs (61,2 kg)
  • Week 20: 136 lbs (61,5 kg)

Calorie counter of the week

  • Total calories: 14,893
  • Average calories/day: 2,128

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