Week 22: is the scale broken?

This week, I kind of wonder if the scale is broken!? As I weighted myself, the pitiless machine showed 139,5 lbs. That means I gained almost two pounds in a week. It’s scary! Especially as I can’t say it’s because I ate so much or because I craved for bad food as I didn’t really (yes! I promise). I stuck to the plan of eating healthy and nutritious food and it looks like the two little ones liked it too.

Indeed, I’m a believer that you can enjoy eating whole food at all ages. And to comfort me in the idea, I got very excited this week to receive the very first book of Leah Garrad-Cole, founder of Love Child Organics; It all begins with food. I love the woman philosophy and I think her story that led her to become a successful entrepreneur is very inspiring. Her book is a great finding. I can just recommend the reading.

It all begins with food

More about the book

It all begins with food is very insightful and is much more than just a recipe book for family meals. I really liked that Leah shared her findings as well as her personal experience. It makes it sounds more doable to cook for a whole family with many practical tips on where to start and how to get organized. The navigation through the different chapters make it very easy to find what you’re looking, whether you’re cooking for babies, for kids or for grown-ups.

Then, the recipes all look very appetizing – which is undoubtedly the first step to make whole food loveable at all ages. Although lot of the purees recipe are not my personal pick as they’re kind sweet and sour, mixing fruits with vegetables, I think overall it’s a great inspiration for simple and healthy dishes that will suit everyone. And it’s also very easy to adapt the almost all the recipes the way you want it to be.

So eventually, it’s a great reading and will surely rescue moms and dads looking for easy healthy recipes to feed the whole family. Leah shows it’s easier than you think to eat clean and actually enjoy it.

And here we are. Another week passed to reach 22 weeks of pregnancy. I hope the two little Mrs are willing to stay warm and cosy for another 15 weeks at least! Let’s stay positive about it!

Weight of the week

  • Week 21: 137,6 lbs (62,4 kg)
  • Week 22: 139,5 lbs (63,4 kg)

Calorie counter of the week

  • Total calories: 14,853
  • Average calories/day: 2,122
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