Week 23: I think my chocolate jacket has shrunk in the wash

This week started with a new move. We just settled in a new place. It’s kind of a nude style… Almost no furniture… lol. Yeah, the place was unfurnished and we didn’t have quite much time to go shopping. Indeed, we have our first market day to prepare, coming on this Saturday and we still have lots to do. Have to make some chocolate everyday… It’s exhausting… I know, it’s a tough job, right?

Also for the furnitures in the new unit, we had to get down to the basics: one bed, two stools for the kitchen island and a new scale of course. That one showed -0.9 lbs this week. Also either I lost weight or it’s just the new scale.

One way or the other, it’s getting more and more difficult to fit in some clothes like my chocolate jacket. New style, relax… It’s gonna be fun for the market. Do you like it?

pregnancy clothes

Weight of the week

  • Week 22: 139,5 lbs (63.4 kg)
  • Week 23: 138,6 lbs (63 kg)

Calorie counter of the week

  • Total calories: 14,147
  • Average calories/day: 2,021

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