Week 24: First farmers market in Canada

First market in Canada: check √

Yay! It was fun. We were so excited to get our booth and chat with our first customers. Of course, I spent most of the time on my chair like the nice lady behind us who sold her jam and pickles cans. If I recall well, this women is the mother of 8. That looks impressive these days… And she’s in very good shape. She proves that you may stay fit after 8 pregnancy. Well done!

This week, I gained just the recommended weight. And the girls have put on weight too! So it’s good. They’re about 2 pounds each already, getting stronger. It’s heavier to carry. My back knows it… Oh, I would dream of an unlimited massage service right now. Do you have any good deal to share?

Weight of the week

  • Week 23: 138,6 lbs (63 kg)
  • Week 24: 140 lbs (63,6 kg)

Calorie counter of the week

  • Total calories: 14,480
  • Average calories/day: 2,068

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