Week 25: eating more

Before pregnancy, I rarely exceeded 2,000 calories per day. Just on training days or during parties… But usually, I was more around 1,800 calories per day. So hey! Here is one good thing about feeding three: you have to add an extra tablespoon of olive oil and additional parmesan cheese in your pasta on purpose ;). And it might even not be quite enough. Especially as those days, I’m finding it’s getting more and more difficult to eat much at dinner time. I’m not hungry and when I do have a full meal anyway, I’m not feeling good when going to bed. It’s not uncommon actually. As the baby starts to push on the stomach during the third trimester, the appetite may be decreasing (with twins, I’m already feeling it’s like third trimester) That’s why dietitians recommend scheduling up to six small meals during the day.

This week, I didn’t put on weight. and even though I’ve found weight gain is quite irregular from one week to the other, it might be time to increase my intake a little bit and maybe try to go from 4 to 5-6 meals to do so. Objective for next week: eating more than 2100 calories per day! We’ll see how it goes.

Weight of the week

  • Week 24: 140 lbs (63.6 kg)
  • Week 25: 140 lbs (63,6 kg)

Calorie counter of the week

  • Total calories: 14,016
  • Average calories/day: 2,002

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