The first day of the rest of our life

Yesterday (or what seems like yesterday), we were putting the blog on hold with a complicated end of pregnancy. That yesterday was on June 22nd. And since then, a lot has happened. Time to catch up!

What a summer! Sure, it’s not been a regular one for us. No beach, no barbecue, no improvised party and obviously no holidays. Instead, we became parents of two beautiful twin girls, moved into a new house in the historic Hydrostone neighborhood, reached six new places which distribute our chocolate square bars, and we kept developing new recipes with local products that will soon be released.

chocolate in babies hand

The last two months turned out to be especially busy and not without incident. We’ve been anxious a few times as the girls decided to come early. On July 14th, we were living the first day of the rest of our life… of parents. Not the happiest day we pictured. Born at 32 weeks, the girls weren’t joining us in the hospital room but instead were entering the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) where they would spend a month to receive the care they needed. Terrible ordeal even if we knew they were in the best hands and eventually had no major health issues.

During that month, it was like living in a parallel world. Going back and forth to the hospital was giving the pace. We were always asking the same questions “Did the girls had a quiet night?”, “Are they gonna need another day under the bililights?”, “How much weight gain?”, “When are we gonna get rid of this ugly needle?” … We spent as much time as possible there, doing skin to skin with the girls and progressively helping with their care. It’s tough to be parents of preemies and even if everybody say it’s not your fault, you somehow feel guilty anyway.

At the same time, we were also preparing the move to our new house. Mere coincidence, the girls were discharged on the same day we moved. So on August 15th, we all spent our first night in our new family home. Happy happy time.

Since then, the life went back to normal (as normal as the parents of twins life can be :)) and we avidly restarted the chocolate production, working on making the best chocolate recipes. While the chocolate is melting, we tell the girls about the hidden treasures of Madagascar and the gems of Nova Scotia. And yes we’re tired. Yes, we’re overwhelmed. But it’s just sheer bliss!

Also, we want to conclude by thanking our family  & friends for the support as well at the whole IWK team who’s been fantastic with the girls. Thank you for all your messages and sweet presents for the twins. It’s been incredibly touching. <3

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