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At Chocolate Hackers, we believe food is essential to wellness & mental health. That’s why we make all our recipes with more cacao and less sugar so that you can enjoy the impressive health benefits of chocolate.

By sourcing our cacao in Madagascar, we also make the choice of a sustainable agriculture and a highest quality.

We aim to bring you the best chocolate for your body & mind.




The story begins with two Parisians, looking for improving their health. They know they are exposed to too much pollution. They know they don’t exercise enough. At least, they do what they can to follow a healthy diet. In 2017, the duo decides to go on a unique adventure, leaving the city of lights & love for the wild Canada. They miss their chocolate though (and their cheese). They can’t find anything like it. So they take on the challenge to bring the best chocolate and start building the chocolate hackers community, entering the most renown tables as well as the most remote kitchens.



Our mission is to redefined the standards of exceptional chocolate. We seek for the highest quality beans in Madagascar to make a unique blend and create a unique dark chocolate 70% and also high-quality milk and white chocolate with dairy-free options. We proudly serve professionals and amateurs with the best baking ingredient quality ever. A game changer for every chocolate desserts & creations.



Chocolate has delighted the finest palate since a long, long time ago from the Inca elite to the English crown. It rapidly seduced the world with its delectable and irresistible taste. Growing cocoa for the world in a sustainable way became a new challenge. Our vision is to engage in quality and sustainability to benefit both people and environmental health.

“Wow best chocolate I have tasted!!!”

Chef Peter Dewar, Culinary Arts Chef Instructor at Nova Scotia Community College


“Chocolate Hackers pure chocolate is everything you need to satisfy that sweet craving.  It’s melt in your mouth smooth and rich in antioxidants making it great for your body and mind.”

Tracy, General Manager at Organic Earth Market

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