Paris, January 7th 2015, 10.55 am

Cecile: Let’s hack the French gastronomy. Everything about chocolate & pastry.

Stan: You’re crazy. It’s too much technique! It’s unbreakable. Those guys just put tremendous time and energy to make the smallest piece of cake.

Cecile: Exactly, let’s do it!

Stan: Still thinking you’re crazy honey. But I’m in. Let’s break that code.

Halifax, March 8th 2017, 8.15 am

Stan: And now what?

Cecile: Don’t you want to share that knowledge babe? Let’s make it accessible to anyone who wants to know the truth about French pastry and chocolate, in Canada and anywhere in the world.

Stan: You’re crazy. I love it. Let’s start spreading the secrets of chocolate & best recipes.

Welcome to Chocolate Hackers!