In summer 2016, we launched this blog as we were about to start a crazy chocolate challenge in the Maritimes. Our objective was to make 30 recipes mixing chocolate and local products with 30 people in 30 days. This challenge was also the beginning of a big new adventure for us. A life changing adventure. We were making a career transition to becoming chocolatier. We were planning to move from France to Canada. And – this we didn’t know then – we were going to live this amazing experience with two coming babies!

So here is the starting point of our story. Our move to Canada is now imminent and we’re a kind of overwhelmed by mixed emotions. We’re feeling an immense joy and huge excitement as well as we’re completely stressed out and heart broken by the idea of getting away from the beloved ones. Pursuing your dreams is a big step to living fully.

Also, we’ll continue to write on this blog about chocolate of course, but may open new sections soon to chat about pregnancy and nutrition, healthy recipes, gourmet addresses in Halifax (our new hometown) and other inspirations. We hope you’ll like it and you’ll feel free to take part to the conversation.

Welcome to Chocolate Hackers!

The whole story of Chocolate Hackers

A long time ago

When she was six, Cécile dreamed of being a farmer. She would have animals, lots of animals and she would grow fruits and vegetables. At the same age, Stan dreamed of becoming a motocross rider. He would travel the world from circuit to circuit and would win the most prestigious competitions.

Few years later, Cécile was diagnosed a pet allergy. Bad news for her carrier plan. “If I can’t have a farm, I’ll go travelling instead.” she said. Then, she considered embracing an international business career to live a thrilling life and meet amazing people all around the world.

Meanwhile, Stan kept pursuing his dreams. He trained very hard and won many races across Europe. But at the age of 20, after having dedicated his entire childhood and teenage years to his sport, he decided to stop competition eager to discover new aspects of life. He followed training courses to become a coach and share his passion with others.

And so they met

In 2004, Cecile and Stan met at a summer camp. They lived fully for a month; sharing all the little joys and miseries of living in a community. And, after resolving some arguments, they got closer to each other and eventually decided to hit the road together.

For her business studies, Cécile had to move in France and abroad. To follow her, Stan developed great capacity for adaption and got many different jobs in sport, leisure and tourism.

On the way to become entrepreneurs

As she finished school, Cécile got a job in Paris as a marketing and communication manager in a global software company. She loved it and stayed there for seven years. However, she felt a growing desire to do something on her own. In 2013, she created a company beside her job to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm. What she loved the most about it was to imagine some recipes to help her customers know what to make with their seasonal products. After a year, she decided to stop the delivery service but continued to share her passion for cooking with a blog.

For Stan, staying in Paris for more than a year was also the opportunity to launch his own business. He didn’t wait long before creating a motorbike taxi driver company. He was thrilled by the challenge and the company rapidly met success in a city suffering the worst traffic jam. But over time, another topic took over his mind staying by Cecile’s side : food. Some career change ideas emerged.

Together, Cecile and Stan draw the first draft of their new project. It would surely relate to the exploration and cultivation of taste. They thought of cooking, bakery and pastry. Until Cécile got another idea. She thought of something they’ve always been passionate about and devoted a true love : chocolate. What would make a better place for creativity than their favorite food on earth?

Chocolate and life changing

Since then, Cecile and Stan transformed their kitchen into a chocolate lab every weekend. They made their very first chocolate recipes from the most classic to the most extravagant. They experimented some unusual pairings – sometimes exquisite and sometimes a little too much avant-gardist. They showed great progress but the duo still wanted to do more. They resolved one of them should get a professional training to boost their skills and experience while the other – well – would boost the bank account.

Also in 2015, Stan went back to school, not without any apprehension since he didn’t keep such a great memory of his student years. However, he conscientiously committed to a 7-month training of CAP chocolatier- confiseur (chocolate and confectionary). At night, Cécile helped him to revise his work so she could learn at the same time. On the weekend, they practiced together to assimilate the skillful techniques for making chocolates. And eventually, Stan got his diploma after passing a nine-hour test.

Armed with a diploma and hours of practice, the duo felt ready for the next step. And here they are about to start their chocolate project in Halifax, Nova-Scotia. Ready for the real-life adventure and determined to pursue their dreams with an extended family.