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Chocolate sauerkraut cake gluten-free

The story of the chocolate sauerkraut recipe One day before: David at Briggs Maple: “I know a guy who produces sauerkraut. It’s a fermentated cabbage.  You might wanna check what they do for your challenge.” Me: “Interesting. I don’t know about it.” David: “Yes! And he actually makes a chocolate cake with it.” Me: “No […]

Maple syrup truffles

For the second day of our chocolate challenge, we stopped at Briggs Maples in Riverview. We met David there, a very friendly guy, who told us everything about the maple syrup & other maple products he makes. Maple syrup is so delicious and you can easily use it to replace sugar in your cooking with benefits. Did you know […]

Honey chocolate madeleine cake

We made this recipe at Danielle and Mark’s place in Moncton. They picked up a pur honey from La Fleur du Pommier in Cocagne. As a kid, Danielle used to play in the orchard with her friend Magalie. So for her, this honey, it’s a whole story. And she’s not the only one to think […]

How to temper chocolate

Why and how to temper chocolate? Chocolate is capricious and demanding. When making some chocolate, all is about temperature. To get it shiny and crispy, you’ll need to follow some steps. You’ll have to “temper” the chocolate.   How to temper chocolate ? To temper chocolate, you’ll need to meet three different temperatures. This step is crucial to fix the […]

30 days chocolate challenge in the Maritimes

Chocolate hackers is on a mission. We just left Madagascar with luggages filled with some exquisite chocolate. We now made our way to the Maritimes and just received new instructions. Mission#1 : 30 days chocolate challenge in the Maritimes Objective: make 30 chocolate recipes with 30 people of the Maritimes in 30 days From Sept 1st to […]

Chocolate of Madagascar

Chocolate of Madagascar Everything began on a beautiful Wednesday in Paris, October 28, 2015 to be exact. On this date, ATELIER C opened its doors for the first time under the Viaduc des Arts. Parisians were invited to discover some secret and rare chocolates in the new concept-store. Among these Parisians, a young chocolatier named Stan entered the […]