zucchini and chocolate cake
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Zucchini muffin with chocolate & almond filling

Have you ever add a vegetable in a cake? If you didn't, you should try this. Adding a vegetable in your ingredient list has two main benefits. First it lighten the cake. Second, it makes a very moist cake. And while zucchini might sound…

Chocolate beet cupcakes {gluten-free}

The Flying Apron is a very interesting place in Summerville. There, you may sleep, eat, read a book in a cosy room and also take a cookery class. The Chef Chris and wife Melissa like to surprise their guests by using good and local fresh ingredients…

White chocolate and wild blueberries muffins {gluten-free}

Wild blueberries. Just saying the words and we're already drooling. This small fruit reminds us of summer afternoons, seating among the bushes, picking the wild berries in the French montains. It reminds us of the smell of the pie being cooked.…