Discover some exquisite chocolate recipes


Black cumin and puffed millet chocolate barks

Wow, we can't believe this is the last recipe of this 30 days chocolate challenge in the Maritimes! For that ultimate chocolate hack, we've invaded Shannon and Bryan's kitchen at the Broadfork Farm. What a great finish! We couldn't expect…
crispy sage chocolate bark

Crispy sage chocolate tablets

For sure, we've met some wonderful people during our trip and among them, Karen has been really amazing for us. She and her husband Av are the soul of Just Us Centre for Small Farm ; a place welcoming new farmers, students and communities to…

Chocolate beet cupcakes {gluten-free}

The Flying Apron is a very interesting place in Summerville. There, you may sleep, eat, read a book in a cosy room and also take a cookery class. The Chef Chris and wife Melissa like to surprise their guests by using good and local fresh ingredients…
Pear and chocolate crumble

Pear and chocolate crumble {gluten-free, vegan}

Alex and Caitlyn are two chocolate lovers leaving in Kentville. The two foodies both worked in farms previously and are supporting their locals. They've picked the pears for this recipe as they have an orchard nearby. As the season begins, they…
chocolate lavender mousse low carb
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Lavender chocolate mousse {Low Carb}

As we continued our journey in Nova-Scotia, we've met more and more people concerned about what they eat. Among them, Judy - a wellness coach at Raw N Green - is one amazing women who made her way back to health and wellness through nutrition…
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Chocolate apples and caramelized pecans

For this new recipe, we had a meeting with Tabitha in Halifax. This vivacious young woman recently moved back to her hometown. Also when we discussed which local to pick for this new recipe, she naturally thought of apples, a very popular fruit…

Christmas cranberries and maple truffles

Maple production is of course a big deal in Canada. However, Nova Scotia - which produces less than 0.5% of the worldwide production - doesn't produce enough maple syrup to supply the local market. Also, to understand why and have a chance…
Matsutake mushroom chocolate

Bolet mushroom chocolate napolitans

For this recipe, we've met Fred Dardenne from FD Wild Foods & Fine Products. You got it with the name ; this meeting was wild. We just loved it. Firslty, because Fred knows really well the land and what grows where and when. Secondly, because…
double chocolate cookies

Double chocolate cookies {vegan, gluten-free}

On our first day in Nova Scotia, we had a meeting with Kirsten from Wild Leek in Halifax. As we entered the vegan restaurant, we actually had no idea which product we were going to use neither what recipe we were going to make. It came as an…
sunberries and borage milk chocolate bark

Berries and bourage milk chocolate bark

For our last day in PEI we stopped-off at the Farm Center in Charlottetown; a very special place to go green in the city. Volunteer gardeners make an amazing job out there to take care of this peaceful piece of land and contribute to feed the…