Discover some exquisite chocolate recipes

strawberry iced lollipop

Chocolate, Strawberry and Basil iced lollipop

To make this chocolate, strawberry and basil iced lollipop, we borrowed Rebeka and Kevin's kitchen at the farm Terre Partagée. Those two young farmers really make farming a noble job. On their land in Rogersville, they grow organic fruits…

White chocolate and wild blueberries muffins {gluten-free}

Wild blueberries. Just saying the words and we're already drooling. This small fruit reminds us of summer afternoons, seating among the bushes, picking the wild berries in the French montains. It reminds us of the smell of the pie being cooked.…
pyramide chocolat chevre miel

Honey and goat cheese chocolate pyramids

Didier is a cheese maker. He makes the best goat cheese we had the opportunity to taste in the Maritimes. Of course, if you had to make a list of the products you would pair with chocolate, goat cheese wouldn't come top of mind. But hey that's…

Chocolate Martini

Being French, we couldn't leave Moncton without paying a visit to the Magnetic Hill Winery. The shop is overlooking the valley and the view is stunning. But we're not here only for the view. We had the priviledge to be one of the first to taste…

Black cherry brownie {gluten-free, lactose-free}

Today, our host is Audrey alias Martine, a young neo-brunswiquoise blogger. She picked a very local product for this cherry brownie recipe as it simply comes from the tree next door. This product, the black cherry - Prunus serotina is typical in…
spicy hot chocolate

Spicy hot chocolate

Today, we met the spiciest couple in Moncton. Well, I mean we’re not in an intimate relationship to say but we know for sure they grow the best garden hot peppers in town. Jeremie found himself a real passion for the hot peppers leading him…
chocolate raspberry tartlets
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Chocolate raspberry tartlets

We made this chocolate raspberry tartlets recipe with Mickaelle and her lovely family in Dieppe. If Mickaelle doesn't really crave for chocolate - especially not for the dark one - her charming daughther Alyson does. For this recipe, they picked…
chocolate sauerkraut cake

Chocolate sauerkraut cake gluten-free

The story of the chocolate sauerkraut recipeOne day before:David at Briggs Maple: "I know a guy who produces sauerkraut. It's a fermentated cabbage.  You might wanna check what they do for your challenge."Me: "Interesting. I don't…
maple syrup truffles

Maple syrup truffles

For the second day of our chocolate challenge, we stopped at Briggs Maples in Riverview. We met David there, a very friendly guy, who told us everything about the maple syrup & other maple products he makes. Maple syrup is so delicious…
honey and chocolate madeleine
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Honey chocolate madeleine cake

We made this recipe at Danielle and Mark's place in Moncton. They picked up a pur honey from La Fleur du Pommier in Cocagne. As a kid, Danielle used to play in the orchard with her friend Magalie. So for her, this honey, it's a whole story.…