Gin Thuya chocolates

About five years ago, Sébastien Roy and his mother made a big…

Ground cherries purée and white chocolate whipped cream

For this ground cherries purée and white chocolate whipped…
chocolate nougat and cranberries

Cranberries and chocolate nougat

The least we can say is that Cherrie is a passionate foodie.…
strawberry iced lollipop

Chocolate, Strawberry and Basil iced lollipop

To make this chocolate, strawberry and basil iced lollipop, we…

White chocolate and wild blueberries muffins {gluten-free}

Wild blueberries. Just saying the words and we're already drooling.…
pyramide chocolat chevre miel

Honey and goat cheese chocolate pyramids

Didier is a cheese maker. He makes the best goat cheese we had…

Chocolate Martini

Being French, we couldn't leave Moncton without paying a visit…

Black cherry brownie {gluten-free, lactose-free}

Today, our host is Audrey alias Martine, a young neo-brunswiquoise…