Moncton, D-0 – the mission begins

After successfully passing the security check at the airport, we take the direction of Budget secret store in Moncton where Doug is waiting for us with the keys of our camouflage vehicle. The one we’ll use to ride incognito in the Maritimes during the next 30 days.

As our adventure begins, to be quite honest, we are not as confident as agent 007 taking on a new mission. We’re a bit nervous thinking about what’s coming next. Especially since we didn’t meticulously prepared our plan. It’s scary but also amazingly exhilarating.

On our way to Danielle and Marc’s home in a residential area of Moncton, we do our best to blend in with the local people. Our first mission will consist in marying chocolate with honey. And not just any honey ; a honey that holds a special place in Danielle’s heart. We are now approaching the house ; our heart pounding. Away the British phlegm, we’re completely overwhelmed by our emotions. We’re so excited and it’s hard to keep our straight face. Fortunately, our hosts seem to share our state of mind. This sounds promising…

See you tomorrow at 9: 00 am (14: 00 GMT) to discover the first recipe!

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