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Chocolate apples and caramelized pecans

For this new recipe, we had a meeting with Tabitha in Halifax. This vivacious young woman recently moved back to her hometown. Also when we discussed which local to pick for this new recipe, she naturally thought of apples, a very popular fruit…

Christmas cranberries and maple truffles

Maple production is of course a big deal in Canada. However, Nova Scotia - which produces less than 0.5% of the worldwide production - doesn't produce enough maple syrup to supply the local market. Also, to understand why and have a chance…
Matsutake mushroom chocolate

Bolet mushroom chocolate napolitans

For this recipe, we've met Fred Dardenne from FD Wild Foods & Fine Products. You got it with the name ; this meeting was wild. We just loved it. Firslty, because Fred knows really well the land and what grows where and when. Secondly, because…
double chocolate cookies

Double chocolate cookies {vegan, gluten-free}

On our first day in Nova Scotia, we had a meeting with Kirsten from Wild Leek in Halifax. As we entered the vegan restaurant, we actually had no idea which product we were going to use neither what recipe we were going to make. It came as an…
sunberries and borage milk chocolate bark

Berries and bourage milk chocolate bark

For our last day in PEI we stopped-off at the Farm Center in Charlottetown; a very special place to go green in the city. Volunteer gardeners make an amazing job out there to take care of this peaceful piece of land and contribute to feed the…
cherry tomato and vanilla chocolates

Vanilla and cherry tomatoes chocolates

Few days ago, it was Open Farm Day in PEI. For the occasion, Heart Beet Organics hosted their annual tomato fest. And oh my gosh, we understood why when we visited them. Their tomatoes are really amazing. Amy and Verena grow tomatoes of any…
chocolate and pumpkin cheesecake - butternut

Chocolate and pumpkin cheesecake {gluten-free}

To celebrate fall, Veronique selected a very local and seosonal product on PEI: the butternut squash. This foodie is craving for cheesecake so are her family and friends. Also, we twisted this new-york-style cake with some local flavor and…
goat-milk-ice-cream and chocolate

Chocolate chunks goat milk ice-cream

Yesterday, we talked about our visit to Island Hill Farm and the loving inhabitants we've met there. Those inhabitants were simply Florence cherished goats. No way we would leave the farm without making a recipe with goat dairies. Florence's…
haskap chocolate macaron

Haskap liquor chocolate macaron

During our trip in New-Brunswick, we heard about a berry similar to blueberry but quiet not the same. It's a  little bigger and more elongated. This berry is called Haskap by the Japanese meaning "berry of long life". Since we were told…