Classic French pastry

Chocolate sea salt Christmas cake
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Chocolate Christmas roll cake with sea salt

With Christmas just around the corner, we're excited to get ready for the festivities! Christmas tree dominates the living room, lights are on and we're now finalizing the menu. This Christmas is the first we'll share with the girls and also…
chocolate raspberry tartlets
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Chocolate raspberry tartlets

We made this chocolate raspberry tartlets recipe with Mickaelle and her lovely family in Dieppe. If Mickaelle doesn't really crave for chocolate - especially not for the dark one - her charming daughther Alyson does. For this recipe, they picked…
honey and chocolate madeleine
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Honey chocolate madeleine cake

We made this recipe at Danielle and Mark's place in Moncton. They picked up a pur honey from La Fleur du Pommier in Cocagne. As a kid, Danielle used to play in the orchard with her friend Magalie. So for her, this honey, it's a whole story.…