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Dark 100 Chocolate Hackers

Pure Dark Chocolate 100%

Organic. Smooth. No added sugar.


This pure chocolate 100% is all-natural, made out with fine organic cocoa beans from Madagascar and enriched in superfat cocoa butter for a highly nutritious food. It contains NO added sugar, sweetener, additive or preservative.

Yet, this intense dark chocolate is incredibly smooth and reveals fruity and nutty tasting notes. Use it for any kind of chocolate preparation including amazing cakes, decadent fat bombs or just as a healthy snack.

Vegan ● KETO-friendly ● GMO-free

Taste better, live better

Cocoa agriculture is in many ways similar to coffee agriculture. Each origin has its signature distinguished by a specific taste profile. When you look at making chocolate with 100% cocoa, there is no cheating, no sugar to flatter the palate. It is only doable using the highest quality of beans. To make this chocolate, we start from the beginning. We select the best organic beans to make one blend and create this uniquely distinct chocolate from Madagascar.

Make the best dessert using the best ingredient

The secret of professional chefs is to use the best cooking ingredients. This chocolate is rich in cocoa butter which make it easy to melt & use in any kind of preparation.

One Chocolate for Every Diet

With zero sugar added, you’ll enjoy the impressive health benefits of a pure dark chocolate made out with 100% cocoa beans. Naturally low in carbohydrates, this chocolate is rich in essential antioxidants and minerals such as iron. It is an amazing food to include in a well-balanced diet for positive effect on physical and mental health.


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