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zucchini and chocolate cake
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Zucchini muffin with chocolate & almond filling

Have you ever add a vegetable in a cake? If you didn't, you should try this. Adding a vegetable in your ingredient list has two main benefits. First it lighten the cake. Second, it makes a very moist cake. And while zucchini might sound…
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The 5-ingredients chocolate cake

This is one of our favorite chocolate cake recipe because it's quick & easy and it's only 5 ingredients. No icing, no filling. We love that it's so simple to make from scratch and still incredibly delicious. It's for all the moms who want…
chocolate & orange bundt cake bundt cake
chocolate sauerkraut cake

Chocolate sauerkraut cake gluten-free

The story of the chocolate sauerkraut recipeOne day before:David at Briggs Maple: "I know a guy who produces sauerkraut. It's a fermentated cabbage.  You might wanna check what they do for your challenge."Me: "Interesting. I don't…