Candy & confectionery recipes

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Chocolate apples and caramelized pecans

For this new recipe, we had a meeting with Tabitha in Halifax. This vivacious young woman recently moved back to her hometown. Also when we discussed which local to pick for this new recipe, she naturally thought of apples, a very popular fruit…

Christmas cranberries and maple truffles

Maple production is of course a big deal in Canada. However, Nova Scotia - which produces less than 0.5% of the worldwide production - doesn't produce enough maple syrup to supply the local market. Also, to understand why and have a chance…
cherry tomato and vanilla chocolates

Vanilla and cherry tomatoes chocolates

Few days ago, it was Open Farm Day in PEI. For the occasion, Heart Beet Organics hosted their annual tomato fest. And oh my gosh, we understood why when we visited them. Their tomatoes are really amazing. Amy and Verena grow tomatoes of any…
haskap chocolate macaron

Haskap liquor chocolate macaron

During our trip in New-Brunswick, we heard about a berry similar to blueberry but quiet not the same. It's a  little bigger and more elongated. This berry is called Haskap by the Japanese meaning "berry of long life". Since we were told…

Elderberry marzipan chocolates

The Ferme Maury is a small farm facing the sea in Saint-Edouard-de-Kent. We met the owner Denise and willing worker Julie at Shediac market. Intrigued by their elderberry syrup, we were really happy when they both get really excited about…

Gin Thuya chocolates

About five years ago, Sébastien Roy and his mother made a big decision. They decided to follow Sébastien's dream to open a distillery and invested in their very first alembic. At the age of 14, Sébastien discovered what distillation was in…
chocolate nougat and cranberries

Cranberries and chocolate nougat

The least we can say is that Cherrie is a passionate foodie. She loves everything that is homemade. Food of course but not only. She is definitely a gifted DIY person. Her husband Roch is also a great cook. It's been very pleasurable to share…
pyramide chocolat chevre miel

Honey and goat cheese chocolate pyramids

Didier is a cheese maker. He makes the best goat cheese we had the opportunity to taste in the Maritimes. Of course, if you had to make a list of the products you would pair with chocolate, goat cheese wouldn't come top of mind. But hey that's…
maple syrup truffles

Maple syrup truffles

For the second day of our chocolate challenge, we stopped at Briggs Maples in Riverview. We met David there, a very friendly guy, who told us everything about the maple syrup & other maple products he makes. Maple syrup is so delicious…